5 Tips To Consider Wearing Natural Hair Wigs

Do Wigs Damage Your Natural Hair

Wigs have been a famous fashion accessory of sorts and decades the wigs of today are extremely different than the heavy, itchy, helmet looking wigs from the past. Today best standard wigs are comfortable, light weight, pointless to wear, easy and simple to care for. New innovations in the wig industry contain unique specs that address problems like security and even further comfort including, softer fiber wigs and non slip lining.

Possible wigs issues

  • Damaged hair (lifeless, breakable)
  • Allergy
  • Dandruff
  • Hair loss
  • Headaches

Can wigs cause headaches?

If a wig does not fit rightly, it can also place force on the head and end up causing continue headaches. Anyway, in most cases if you loosen the wig can slightly you can get rid of the issue.

Can wigs cause hair loss?

Wearing wigs may destroy even fit hair and lead hair loss if positive steps are not followed:

  • It is vital that your hair is conditioned and clean regularly, even if you plan on wearing a wig. Our latest blog about transitioning to natural hair with mynaturalhairextensions.myshopify.com
  • Before putting on the wig, taking the time to locate your hair instead of just jamming it under the wig will go a long way toward preventing both hair loss and breakage.
  • For individuals who are balding and bald, wearing a synthetic hair substitute lead to scalp health issues because it would not get the natural body oils it requires and will end up very dry. A dry scalp can be aching at times and can lessen your chances of fresh hair growth. So sure to go without the wig enough to provide your head lots of exposure to new air and natural oils to our natural hair blog.

Are wigs bad for your hair?

You will want to ensure you are not allergic to any of the stuff used in the wig you are going to wearing definitely.

Hair breakage, dandruff and etc, are caused by hypoxia (deficiency of oxygen in hair root and hair skin). So you should purchase a wig that is made of standard materials, let the hair and skin breathe, not to wear 24 hours if there is no medical necessity.

Luckily, there are not any serious health issues that happen from wearing today’s wigs.  Latest wig design innovations have resulted in light feather wigs, many that weight less than two ounces. Further, finer, softer cap fabric is used in the construction permitting for larger air circulation and unique specs contain velvet bands for added relaxed and different sizes which make sure a best fit.